• The YOUNGEST FIFA EVENT which is getting STABLY HIGHER AND HIGHER RATING in the world of football. SO COMPACT AND TRULY BRIGHT competition has THE BIGGEST PERCENTAGE OF participating football SUPER STARS.

  • This is THE GRAND INTRODUCTION of the coming biggest football festival and A GREAT EVENT for the fans getting a chance to support their teams in a STRUGGLE for the title of the “BEST OF THE BEST” for NOW, just one year prior to the World Cup.

  • CONFEDS CUP 2017 will take place in Russia from the 17th of June until the 02nd of July 2017.

  • This is THE LAST TEST EVENT BEFORE THE WORLD FOOTBALL CUP 2018 which will take place at the same stadiums one year later. 4 host venues of the Confeds Cup 2017 are: St. Petersburg, Moscow, Sochi and Kazan, and they are among 11 host cities of the World Cup 2018.

  • The PARTICIPANTS of the Confederations Cup 2017 are:

    GERMANY (FIFA World Cup 2014 Winner),

    PORTUGAL (UEFA Euro Cup 2016 Winner),

    CHILE (CONMEBOL Copa America 2015 Winner),

    MEXICO (CONCACAF Gold Cup 2015 Winner),

    AUSTRALIA (AFC Asian Cup 2015 Winner),

    NEW ZEALAND (OFC Nations Cup 2016 Winner),

    TBD on Feb, 05 2017 (CAF Africa Cup of Nations 2017 Champion),

    RUSSIA (FIFA Confederations Cup 2017 host country).

  • Though the LAST PARTICIPANT of the Confederations Cup 2017 (the winner of the African Cup of Nations) will be determined later, on the 05th of February 2017 only, THE DRAW OF THE CONFEDS CUP sorted out teams through the groups on the 26th of November 2016.

  • Just 16 MATCHES. 8 TEAMS will be divided into 2 GROUPS 4 TEAMS EACH. Two best teams from each group will go further to a play-off round.

Confederations Cup match calendar

# Match Date Venue
1 Russia (A1) – New Zealand (A2) 17 Jun 18.00 St. Petersburg (Krestovskiy stadium)
2 Portugal (A3) – Mexico (A4) 18 Jun 18.00 Kazan (Kazan Arena stadium)
3 Africa W (B1) – Chile (B2) 18 Jun 21.00 Moscow (Otkrytiye Arena stadium)
4 Australia (B3) – Germany (B4) 19 Jun 18.00 Sochi (Fischt Arena stadium)
5 Russia – Portugal 21 Jun 18.00 Moscow (Otkrytiye Arena stadium)
6 New Zealand – Mexico 21 Jun 21.00 Sochi (Fischt Arena stadium)
7 Africa W – Australia 22 Jun 18.00 St. Petersburg (Krestovskiy stadium)
8 Chile – Germany 22 Jun 21.00 Kazan (Kazan Arena stadium)
9 Russia – Mexico 24 Jun 18.00 Kazan (Kazan Arena stadium)
10 New Zealand – Portugal 24 Jun 18.00 St. Petersburg (Krestovskiy stadium)
11 Africa W – Germany 25 Jun 18.00 Sochi (Fischt Arena stadium)
12 Chile – Australia 25 Jun 18.00 Moscow (Otkrytiye Arena stadium)
13 1A – 2B 28 Jun 21.00 Kazan (Kazan Arena stadium)
14 1B – 2A 29 Jun 21.00 Sochi (Fischt Arena stadium)
15 3rd Place (Bronze) 02 Jul 15.00 Moscow (Otkrytiye Arena stadium)
16 Final (Gold) 02 Jul 21.00 St. Petersburg (Krestovskiy stadium)


Half of the teams will be playing at LEAST IN 3 CITIES and play-off teams will visit all 4 venues. All DISTANCES in the table below are given for automobile roads with an average journey time.

From … To St. Petersburg Moscow Sochi Kazan
St. Petersburg 705 km 2330 km 1510 km
Moscow 705 km 1620 km 810 km
Sochi 2330 km 1620 km 2055 km
Kazan 1510 km 810 km 2055 km

More details with average journey time by car, train and air can be found here:

Intercity Transfers

We recommend to use AIR-FLIGHTS for the intercity transfers only between the next MOST REMOTE VENUES: St. Petersburg-Kazan, St. Petersburg-Sochi, Kazan-Sochi OR vice-versa.

In all other routes trains or cars/bus transfers can be used as well just keep in mind timing of the itinerary based on the match days. Of course, it’s A GOOD CHANCE TO ADD SOME INTERESTING SIGHTS to the journey enriching it within your fantasy.

Except outstanding football all visitors will be welcomed by Russian nature in the middle of summer, open people, ancient and modern culture, culinary adventures, shopping and all kinds of entertainments. You can find some travel tips and information here.

Football Tickets

We are NOT THE OFFICIAL provider of the tickets to the Confederations Cup 2017. However, we can provide an assistance in getting the tickets to any match of the Confederations Cup 2017, dealing with various sports Federations, Clubs and sponsoring companies. Prices for the tickets included in the tour packages can be equal to the official/ nominal prices. But prices for the ‘just tickets’ requests have to be confirmed at the time of booking and they are usually more than face value, depending on sales’ interest around the tickets. Availability of the tickets’ offers can be changed at any time, and prices will not be changed after the full payment only.

We suggest you try to buy tickets to the Confeds Cup through your local Football Federation/ official ticketing agent or at the official web-site at www.fifa.com. Failure to buy tickets from the primary sources is a reason to use our services. We are ready to provide tickets in all categories including VIP offers and group seating upon availability. OFFICIAL TICKETS’ PRICES for the matches of the Confederations Cup 2017 are the next:

Match Cat. 1 Cat. 2 Cat. 3
Opening Match               $ 170 $ 120 $ 85
Group Matches $ 135 $ 85 $ 70
Semi-Final Matches $ 160 $ 125 $ 85
3rd place Match $ 135 $ 85 $ 70
Final Match $ 245 $ 160 $ 115

* Category 4 tickets will be available but for Russian citizens only.

We are glad to offer you Official VIP Hospitality packages for the Confederations Cup 2017 and World Cup 2018 matches and them for NOMINAL/OFFICIAL PRICES (all requests to be reconfirmed in written). VIP Hospitality packages allow you to try the best seats and lodges/ Sky Boxes on the newest stadiums with the highest world class standards of personalized hospitality services. There are several Hospitality programs, that can be bought as ALL MATCHES OF SELECTED TEAM, ALL MATCHES AT SELECTED VENUE or ANY SINGLE SPECIFIC MATCH.

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VIP Options

  • VIP BUSINESS JETS and HELICOPTERs for flights within Russia with take-off from 3 hours after the order is received (paid).

  • VIP/ BUSINESS ROOM services upon arrival/departure at the main airports.

  • VIP HOSPITALITY ticket packages to all matches of the Confederations Cup.

  • Luxury LIMOUSINE transfers.

  • MULTILINGUAL escorts and guides.

  • BODYGUARD services.

  • VIP train CARRIAGES for exclusive use on the main railway routes.

  • VIP YACHTs hire in all cities.

  • Exclusive ESCORTED TOURS, including fishing/ hunting tours in the Central Russia (Volga and Oka rivers), Northern Russia (Karelia), South (Caucasus), Ural, Altay or Far East (Kamchatka and Sakhalin).

We have a rich choice of the BEST RESTAURANTS, CLUBS and CONFERENCE facilities in each WC2018/ Confederations Cup venue.

Ready to be AT ANY POSSIBLE ASSISTANCE for any of your MICE group requests.


NO VISA! All visitors of the Confederations Cup and World Cup 2018 will need to get a FAN ID. This ID is a MUST document, as this is fans’ PASSPORT to get to the match (with valid ticket) and your VISA to enter Russia for the EVENT. To get such ID – you have to buy at least 1 ticket to the match and after that to get registered on the web-site www.fan-id.ru . If you buy tickets with our help – we’ll provide you tickets’ reference number that you need to provide to the system. So, you don’t need to get normal visa if you have prepaid ticket/ this fans’ ID.