Saint Petersburg


Population – 5,220,000. Founded in 1703. The Cultural capital of Russia. A great city with a great history, founded by the great Peter as a northern “Window to Europe”. It’s truly one of the most beautiful cities in the world. What you know: the Hermitage, the Mariinsky Theater, Petergof, Leningrad Blockade, the Neva river, Peter I the Great and Catherine (Ekaterina) II the Great, Pushkin, Kazan’s and St. Isaac’s Cathedrals, Peter & Paul Fortress, Kronshtadt, Pavlovsk, Oranienbaum, …

The Confederations Cup Final will be here in July, 02 2017.

“KRESTOVSKIY” stadium. Former “Zenit Arena”

Zenit Arena” is one of the most expensive stadiums in football history. Duration of its construction (since 2004) and number of scandals around it are truly unprecedented. First budget was announced in 2004 as about USD 250 million, and at the end of 2016 this figure went as high as to more than 800 million USD…  At the same time this stadium is truly one of the most unique in the world due to it’s construction hi-tech options. Because of the climate conditions in this city (high humidity and often rains, cold winter) the field itself will be moved automatically besides its normal lines and the roof will be opened or closed when its needed.

“Zenit Arena” was the draft name of the stadium, as it was going to be built on the money of the main city’s club “Zenit” and its main sponsor “Gazprom”.  And though after the Confederations Cup 2017 the stadium will be transferred to the football club “Zenit”, constant name of the stadium was changed to “Krestovskiy” stadium, according to the name of the island where it’s located.

Capacity of the stadium: 67,800 seats