Population – 400,000. Founded in 1838. It can be called Holidays capital of Russia. Possibility of getting sun on the seaside in the morning and the Caucasus high mountains skiing in the afternoon was proved by Sochi Olympics in 2014. Sochi is the longest city in Europe. It’s main landmark – beautiful nature due to Sochi’s unique micro climate. Canyons, the beautiful rocky Caucasus and smoother seaside mountains with rainforests, very rich greenery with many plants from all over the world etc. What you know: the Black Sea, dolphins, Stalin’s health resorts, Sochi Olympics, Olympic Park, Fischt arena (venue to the Ceremonies of the Olympic Games in 2014 this stadium will host matches of the Confeds Cup 2017 and WC 2018).

“FISCHT” Olympic stadium.

The stadium was built in 2013 especially for the XXII Winter Olympic Games in Sochi. “Fischt” stadium was the main arena of that great Games, as the Olympic Games’ Opening Ceremony and Closing Ceremony, as well as both main ceremonies of the Paralympic Games were held here.

The stadium is located on the seaside, in the Olympic Park which is nestled in Adler area within just minutes from both “Adler” airport of Sochi and “Adler” railway terminal. “Fischt” is the name of one of the highest Caucasus rocky mountains, and it means “white head” on the adyg language of local people.

Capacity of the stadium: 47,659 seats (25,000 to 40,000 for smaller events).