Russia is a TRULY & NATURALLY MULTINATIONAL COUNTRY. Peoples of Russia are living together under the same flag for centuries keeping their own identity and unique culture, and souvenirs from different regions of Russia (NOT ‘made in China’ 🙂 ) keep traditions of old times and reflect the tastes of each nation.

The most popular centers of souvenirs production in Russia are (top brands): Palekh, Semenov, Gzhel, Khohloma, Vologda, N.Novgorod, Pavlovsk Posad, Great Ustug, Kolomna, Kostroma, …. The most popular kinds of souvenirs are (EXCEPT KGB and other Soviet era pins, combat caps, clothes etc): handicraft toys, carved wooden or birch bark figures (painted and not), world famous matrioshkas, lacquered jewelry boxes and plates, Christmas trees toys, felt boots and hats, folk painted toy figures and ceramics, Imperial porcelain, painted shawls, folk costumes, ancient weapons, … and genuine Russian vodka + black & red caviar, not to forget 🙂 .

We’ll be happy to supply your clients with high quality souvenirs of all kinds with the most competitive prices. Moreover, if we have enough time let’s organize original BRANDED SOUVENIRES with YOUR company.